3D view and format change

View 3D models and convert formats. This software is completely free to use. Its function is to view 3D models and 3D models in various formats. At the same time, it can be converted into the 3D model format you need. See below for the specific support format content.

Welcome to download the software. Or download the April 2019 version, the April 2019 version

You can also download the test model file nanosuit. Or download this way

The new version just adds options for wireframe display. view->Wireframe only shows the wireframe when checked

After downloading, unzip it under windows and use it directly. If the model cannot be displayed normally, you need to update your graphics card to support opengl. Requires opengl 3.3, but mine does not support opengl3.3, it can display normally. Even if the model cannot be displayed normally, the conversion function can be completed.

Operation introduction:

File ->Open Open the 3D model

File->Save As conversion format output, the file format is determined by the file extension, such as cx.obj, then output a 3D file in obj format.

The View menu controls the display of graphics

view->3D 3D display

View-> xy, xz, yz 3 directions of orthographic projection.

View->Original start state display, messed up, you can choose to return to this state

View -> ScalePlus, ScaleNeg model zoom in and zoom out

View->Rotate-> Rotation Control

parameter ->ObjList displays layer or block information

It is best to use a mouse for graphics control.

Move the mouse by pressing the left mouse button to control the rotation

Press the left mouse button while pressing the Ctrl key to move the mouse to control the size

Press the left button of the mouse while pressing the Shift key to move the mouse to move the position

Control the scroll wheel to control the observation point. The picture is small when viewed from a distance, and the picture is large when viewed close. It may be out of the picture if it is too close.

Import graphics 3D format support: Collada (*.dae; *.xml) Blender (.blend) 3Biovision BVH (.bvh) 3D Studio Max 3DS (.3ds) 3D Studio Max ASE (.ase) Wavefront Object ( .obj) Stanford Polygon Library (.ply) AutoCAD DXF (.dxf) IFC-STEP (.ifc) Neutral File Format (.nff )Sense8 WorldToolkit (.nff) Valve Model (.smd, .vta) 3Quake I (.mdl) Quake II (.md2) Quake III (.md3) Quake 3 BSP (.pk3) 1RtCW (.mdc) Doom 3 (.md5mesh;.md5anim; .md5camera) DirectX X (.x ). Quick3D (.q3o;q3s ). Raw Triangles (.raw ). AC3D (.ac ). Stereolithography (.stl ). Autodesk DXF (.dxf ). Irrlicht Mesh (.irrmesh;.xml ). Irrlicht Scene (.irr;.xml ). Object File Format (.off ). Terragen Terrain (.ter) 3D GameStudio Model (.mdl) 3D GameStudio Terrain (.hmp) Ogre (.mesh.xml, *.skeleton.xml, *.material) 3Milkshape 3D (.ms3d) LightWave Model (.lwo) LightWave Scene (.lws) Modo Model (.lxo ) CharacterStudio Motion (.csm ) Stanford Ply (.ply) TrueSpace (*.cob, *.scn )2

Output format support: 0: dae 1: x 2: stp 3: obj 4: obj 5: stl 6: stl 7: ply 8: ply 9: 3ds 10: gltf 11: glb 12: gltf2 13: assbin 14: assxml 15 : x3d 16: 3mf