3D Engrave software

We started 3D internal engraving software development in 2002, and registered in China in 2004 as: Liwen internal engraving machine software
This software is used for laser crystal internal carving and glass internal carving.

With the changes in the market, there are constantly new requirements, and Liwen’s internal carving is continuously improved and upgraded. In the beginning, it was only the platform moving processing, and the speed was slow. Later, it was updated to galvanometer plus platform 5-axis control.
In order to simplify the operation, the control software originally only reads the code of the calculation software. Currently, it can directly read dxf point cloud files and photo files (bmp, jpg,…), and realize real-time block division and path optimization. The processing size also reaches several meter, tens of millions or hundreds of millions of points.
Users who have a JCZ marking system can also simply transform it into processing crystal internal carving.
The demo program can engrave 2D pictures. Compared with the original system of JCZ, after setting the parameters, engraving is several times faster. The demo program can also control 2 axes, lifting.
If you have a lifting platform, you can engrave 3D crystal inner engraving. You can watch the video demonstration. If you want to process a relatively large range of crystals and need to be spliced, you must add a motion platform control card.
The demo program can be downloaded here
Baidu link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1q5PSlfYc3cL4731fzPOi7w
Extraction code: cb3c

The 3d engraving video (291mb) ​​is at www.liwensoft.com/downloads/engrave3D.mp4

Baidu link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1PGwYFTFlOzAUur_Lz2hbAw
Extraction code: wjnh

This application uses JCZ to control galvanometer engraving, point cloud engraving, platform movement. 355nm purple light 5W, frequency setting 40k, dot 740,000, 3 minutes, set the dot time to 0.2 ms, the dot is relatively white. 0.1 is much faster, but relatively weak.