3D internal engraving software

3D internal carving software is used for crystal internal carving and glass internal carving. Read DXF point cloud files or photos, control the galvanometer and platform to carve exquisite three-dimensional patterns inside the crystal.

Picosecond cutting software

Mainly used for glass cutting such as mobile phone screens. The picosecond laser uses a laser beam to sweep the processed material multiple times to achieve cutting. The laser expands in multiple levels on one surface, and also expands in height many times.
Realize the seamless splicing of multiple pieces, the perfect combination of processing quality and large size.

3D printing SLA

Read the 3D model through Magics slicing software to form an slc file. Our software reads the slc file, controls the laser, galvanometer and platform, and realizes the processing process. Form industrial-grade accurate objects for modeling, verification, and manufacturing.

Automatic camera calibration and positioning

Using high-precision (5 million) camera for automatic positioning and automatic calibration. The automatic calibration resolution is 3.2 um, which mainly realizes seamless stitching and high precision processing.

Motion controller

It has multiple stepping servo motor circuits and multiple XY-100 protocol control galvanometer groups. The communication adopts tcp/ip protocol control.

Due to the FPGA circuit, how many channels have flexible settings.

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